Know the whereabouts of your equipment

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ABAX Equipment Control are on duty around the clock, under all weather conditions. The system’s detailed digital maps of asset locations, equipment usage logs, showing after-hours use, and service notices can be viewed on your internet-connected smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop PC.

Let ABAX keep an eye on your equipment and valuables, so you can focus on the profitable tasks that matter! The ABAX Equipment Control is rugged, reliable, and cost-effective, on duty around the clock and under all weather conditions. It is one product but comes with a variety of set-ups and configurations to meet the various requirements of modern businesses today.  

Powered Equipment

Secure and monitor usage time, whereabouts and unauthorised use on any powered equipment you may have. The only requirement for this solution is a power source that an ABAX Equipment Control unit can be connected to.

Non-Powered Equipment

The ABAX Equipment Control units can also monitor any equipment that does not have an internal power source, such as: containers, trailers or boats. The unit can operate for several years using its long-life battery and special power-conserving configurations. 

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