Secure your equipment this summer

As we approach the summer months, the increase in construction sites begin, which calls for the increase in plant equipment.

As a result of more plant equipment being used, it potentially means more thefts. The theft of plant equipment is costing the UK construction industry over 800 million pounds a year (Construction National, 2017), but at ABAX we can help you. 

How do I prevent my plant equipment from being stolen? 

The ABAX Equipment Control is a GPS based unit, which is on duty around the clock, under all weather conditions. You are able to see where your equipment is at all times, helping you recover your assets in case of misplacement, loss or theft.

What features does the ABAX Equipment Control have? 

Usage log - Monitors when and how much your equipment is being used. Our usage logging reports also protect your company against unauthorised use of your valuable equipment by customers or employees.

Warnings - you will receive notifications when the unit goes out of a specific geographical area.

The system’s detailed digital maps of asset locations, equipment usage logs, showing after-hours use, and service notices can be viewed on your internet-connected smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop PC.

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