Spend less time looking for your misplaced tools with ABAX Mini

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Reduce the time and money spent looking for tools and equipment, and gain full control with ABAX Mini.

A recent article written by Professional Heating and Plumbing Installer Online (PHPI), outlines how plumbers are being hit hard by tool thefts. Recent research has suggested that tool theft in the UK costs £94million per annum, which is a substantial figure that needs combatting.

Imagine working so hard over the years to run your own business, buying expensive tools and equipment, to have them stolen, and your business suffering as the job cannot be completed. This is happening regularly, with in fact 27% of plumbers reporting that the loss of tools and equipment has damaged their ability to earn a living (Warm.co.uk, 2017). Or even, putting one of your tools down at a job, and not being able to find it!

Is it possible to know the last position of my tools and equipment?

We know how much it costs to replace misplaced tools, which is therefore why we have developed a great new solution. The ABAX Mini is a smart, cost-effective way to track power tools and portable equipment. With ABAX Mini you always have the last known position of your tools and equipment!

Let us leave you with a few key points about the ABAX Mini. It is:

• Cost-effective – an affordable solution so you can have full control over your assets

• Water-resistant (IP67) and rugged – built for challenging environments

• Easy to install – you are up and running in no time

• Smart – every vehicle that is connected to ABAX hardware creates a network that you can use to help find your assets

• Available – ABAX Mini is shown on the same map as your other existing ABAX solutions, which are available on any web-enabled device (pc, tablet and mobile)

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Track portable tools and equipment with our new solution: ABAX Mini

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