Tracking your portable tools and equipment

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How often are your power tools and portable equipment misplaced? How much company time and money is wasted trying to find them? If they are not found, how much does it cost to replace them?


The most expensive equipment is what you cannot find.

The ABAX Mini is a smart, cost-effective way to track power tools and portable equipment.

With the ABAX Mini, losing power tools and portable equipment can be a thing of the past. No matter what tool is in the tradesmen’s vehicle, the ABAX Mini gives you complete control and is the perfect tracking solution of expensive power tools and portable equipment belonging to the company.

Your employees will no longer waste time looking for tools and equipment, such as hammer drills, disc cutters, grinders, core drills, hydraulic tools, surveying/levelling gear, trench rammers, plate compactors, trailers and containers.


The small, rugged, water-resistant (IP67) unit is discretely attached and activated by pressing a single button. The unit is self-powered and utilises the latest power-conserving technology, offering a battery life span that will last an incredible three-years.

The ABAX Mini uses Bluetooth and the ABAX Global Network for location reporting. This means that if the ABAX Mini is within a 35 metre range of ABAX hardware, either yours or another ABAX customer, the ABAX Mini position will automatically update in your system. 

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