4 shared concerns about GPS Vehicle Tracking

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We talk a lot about the benefits that GPS vehicle tracking brings – cost savings, increased customer service, tax compliancy, but, we are also aware that GPS tracking also brings with it, a lot of concerns.

Are you currently in the process of deciding whether your business should implement a vehicle tracking system? Have you been put off by worries such as price and privacy concerns?

If so, we have highlighted the top 4 concerns which are shared by many in regards to GPS vehicle tracking. Remember, we also have 24hr Customer Support, so if you have any other concerns that are not highlighted below, please give us a call at any time, 01733 69 88 88

1. GPS tracking is too expensive – When you make an investment, you make it for a reason – the return! Yes, installing a GPS tracking system is not cheap; especially if you have a large fleet, monthly costs can start to add up. But, the costs savings you will make once you have installed the system, especially in regards to fuel savings, will soon outweigh the initial investment costs. And it doesn’t stop there, a GPS tracking system will increase the overall productivity of your business – speak to one of our team to found out how

2. Employees will not want it – This is probably the most common concern a Fleet Manager has when thinking of installing a tracking system. Employees are likely to ask a lot of questions – do you not trust us? Will you be tracking my private journeys? What are my legal rights? And of course, they have a right to ask!

The reality is however, and ironically, GPS tracking is not actually about ‘tracking’ employeesThe word ‘tracking’ has almost become a bad word – even though we use it in the industry all the time!  The main use of a GPS tracking system is to obtain useful fleet information in order to become 100% tax compliant, become more time and cost efficient, increase customer service and obtain a safer work environment. However, if you or your employees still have privacy concerns, you can read more about GPS tracking and the law here.

3. It takes up too much time – Yes, we are going to have to completely disagree with this one. Installing a GPS tracking system doesn’t take up too much time – it actually saves you a lot of time! A good system will actually do all the work for you; which means you will gain time back to focus on the job at hand. For example, employees will no longer need to fill out manual mileage logs and all trips will be logged automatically; which also increases accuracy and eliminates the risk of error.

4. It’s too hard to install – We can’t speak for all of our competitors, but at ABAX, our GPS vehicle tracker is actually self-installable and can be installed in under 5 minutes! Or, we can send a member of our team out to help install your vehicle tracker for you. After installation, our Customer Support team will also be happy to offer you additional training on any of the system if needed.

Hopefully we have eased some of your concerns and you are ready to start reaping the benefits of a GPS vehicle tracking system.  Speak to one of our experts today or alternatively, you can read more about our GPS vehicle tracker here.