Benefits of GPS Tracking

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The ABAX Triplog is much more than just an electronic mileage claim system. The GPS-powered system enables you to further enhance your business. Let us tell you how!

Know the location of your vehicles and equipment

Real-time location enables you to see all of your vehicles equipped with ABAX Triplog on a digital map.

Better customer service

You can accurately inform a customer when their delivery is arriving as you are able to locate the delivery vehicle. As a result, customer's needs are met more effectively by giving precise timings.

Protection for theft

ABAX technology has helped to find multiple stolen vehicles, as well as combat dishonest insurance claims. See below for news articles:

  1. Stolen vehicle was found with the help of the ABAX Triplog in Finland
  2. GPS Tracking enables swift recovery of stolen van
  3. Vehicle technology used to combat dishonest insurance claim

Tax compliance

The ABAX Triplog contains all information required by the HMRC to make your vehicle tax compliant. For every business trip, mileage records should provide relevant information, such as: date of travel, mileage of journey, start and end address, reason for journey and what vehicle is being driven.

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