Electronic versus manual triplog

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Do you know the real difference between an electronic and a manual triplog?

How much time do you spend each day manually registering your trips? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? More? Either way an electronic triplog will save you that time.

Do you have an archive for all of your company driving, dating back 10 years? ABAX can take full responsibility on your behalf and store your data on our secure and protected server for as long as you request.

Are all of your trips documented in the correct way? With ABAX Triplog, all trips are documented automatically and with 100% accuracy.

With our electronic triplog you can:

  • Ensure accurate reporting and reliable positioning of your vehicles
  • Reduce your annual fuel bill by 20%
  • Stay tax compliant
  • Ensure your company cars are not used for private driving
  • Save time by not manually registering your trips

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The difference is ABAX.