Geo-tag your way to HMRC fleet compliance

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It is no secret, the more you put into your tracking and telematics systems the better the benefits for you and your fleet. One of the most underrated yet useful features are Geo-tags.

For those that do not know, a Geo-tag is a custom area drawn on the digital map that is used as a reference point for system alerts, reports and even strengthen HMRC compliance. Whenever a vehicle stops within this area, the area name you define overwrites the usual address, so for example, the address postcode PE2 8AN becomes ‘ABAX Stadium’.

How will Geo-tags help me day-to-day?

One of the main benefits to Geo-tags is tax compliance. According to HMRC, all business trips require a purpose - So if you Geo-tag all of your regular customers, instead of only getting a list of addresses you can now get additional specific customer information, strengthening your mileage logs.

Additionally, these same Geo-tags can create several reports – Do you need to know how many times you have visited a particular customer in the last 30 days? Or how many hours you have worked on a site to verify a job? No problem, simply run a ‘Stop time’ or ‘Time in area’ report.

How do I create Geo-tags?

In a recent update, we introduced polygon Geo-tags that offer complete control of the drawn area. They are incredibly easy to create taking less than one minute each. Watch here to see how to start creating your own.

What should I Geo-tag?

I would recommend that you start by Geo-tagging any company offices and regular visited customers or sites. As there is no limit to the number you can add, other great Geo-tags are the home addresses of employees and fuel stations.

I need help!

ABAX want you to get the most out of your system – It is important to us to have happy customers!

If you are unsure on how Geo-tags can work for you, our customer service team is available 24/7 on 01733 698 888 or