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Think of yourself as a company manager, fleet manager or someone else in the logistic or customer service branch.

In fact, any company with vehicles, 5 or 105, it is the same. Imagine an incoming call from a customer or colleague, whom urgently needs assistance. How on earth can you effectively find out who is available to assist? It would take a few minutes to contact all 5 vehicles drivers, but 105 drivers would definitely take longer.

This is an example of ineffectiveness, that naturally leads to a loss in profitability. The choice is yours as to whether you wish to continue the old method or try something new. ABAX is the something new.

You can find out in seconds the location and distance from the task of the nearest five vehicles. You can then simply send the same identical SMS message to those drivers, asking if one of them is able to attend to the task.

ABAX Fleet Control locates all of your vehicles with the ABAX Triplog tracking device on a Google Maps integrated map. A simple and clear view enables you to get overall control of your vehicles’ locations. By typing in an address, you can get the list of the nearest drivers, the equipment that they are carrying and the distance from your search address. There could not be a more effective way of finding out the nearest vehicle!

In an emergency where time is of the utmost importance, seconds count and valued response time may directly relate to profitability and safety! 

Ever have customers asking when you will be arriving? I am sure they would appreciate a real-time accurate response of when someone is going to arrive, rather than just your best guess. With ABAX Fleet Control you get complete control.

ABAX Fleet Control offers many benefits. Increased control, faster more accurate customer service and increased profitability, in the terms of lower fuel costs and more work completed within the working day.

ABAX Fleet Control is included in the ABAX Triplog Business and ABAX Triplog Professional packages – our most popular.

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