How do I install ABAX Triplog?

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Actually, it is really easy. Compared to many other electronic triplogs in the market, you do not need to pay the extra charges for installation because you can install ABAX Triplog by yourself, in 5 minutes.

What do I require for the installation?

  • You need a maximum of 5 minutes
  • You need a tool to loosen the battery poles
  • ABAX Triplog package

How do I begin?

  • Open the car bonnet
  • Use the cleaning cloth and clean the installation spot on the windshield
  • Remove the sticker from the back of the triplog and set it to the place you cleaned previously
  • Loosen the battery poles and set the wires next to them. Attach the red wire to the plus core and the black wire to the minus core. Then tighten the poles again. (The yellow wire is for special purposes only)
  • You will see the light flashing on the triplog. The red flash will last for 60 seconds and the green for 9 minutes. All the lights will disappear and then it’s sign for normal operation
  • Now your triplog is installed and you are ready to go!