Keep track of your vehicles on your mobile

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You can use ABAX Mobile as an app* only solution, or pair it with your installed triplog unit.

Easy and always up to date

The ABAX Mobile app* is used to create and submit business mileage records. It enables drivers to manage, update, and maintain their ABAX Triplog directly from a smartphone. It is the perfect complement to your ABAX Triplog because the mobile application allows you to view and update information related to your vehicle, such as whether the distance you travelled was for private use or for business.

What ABAX mobile applications are included?

ABAX Mobile lets the driver manage their business trips, parking fees and toll road charges, along with other functionalities. The mobile application is a paperless accurate solution that digitally records information allowing for faster and more accurate administration.

When ABAX Mobile is good as a pure triplog?

If you do not complete many business trips in your car, the ABAX Mobile app only solution is the perfect solution. the smartphone's GPS to generate mileage logs and submit mileage claims directly from the phone to the administrator - no need for extra tracking hardware. You can find this product under the ABAX Starter package in our webshop.

*The app is available to download for iOS and Android