Let’s play a game – with triplogs!

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Let’s assume that your company is familiar with the HMRC requirements.

If not, take a look at one of our previous blog posts outlining what the HMRC look for in terms of mileage records! Imagine a company with six vans, and each van has paper mileage records and a pen in their glove compartment. And also one extra pen if the ink runs out. We all know how annoying it is when the ink runs out and you cannot fill out the paper records, because you do not have a pen! Right?

Is everything clear and normal up to this point?

Every single trip, driven by these six cars, are manually recorded. The mileage at the beginning, the mileage at the end, the length of the trip, when the trip started, when the trip ended. It would be awesome if there could be a picture of the route, but drawing by hand would hardly make any sense.

How long does it take to record this information for each journey, for each of the 6 vehicles, during one working day? What about in a month? Or even in a year?

When all the information is written by hand, can you be sure that all the information is correct and the information is up to date?

Are you still feeling OK? Little bit sweaty?

Are you still feeling OK if you're wondering whether there has been some private trips driven with the company cars? Do you have mileage records for the past 6 years? Great, if you have full control of the trips and papers! However, you can save the space on your shelves in your office by having electronic mileage records instead of folders or paper mileage records. We’re sure you’d much rather have a picture of your dog or child on your shelf – but instead you have those overflowing folders.

Just a few quick facts about electronic mileage claims.

With an electronic mileage claim, you will always know where your vehicles are in real-time. Paper mileage records only shows where the vehicles have been.

With an electronic mileage claim, you can reduce your fuel costs by as much as 20% when private journeys are removed. Does the usual paper mileage claim affect your costs?

You can check your mileage records wherever you want – therefore you are always on track about everything.

Our electronic mileage claim will always alert you when something unusual happens. Paper mileage records do not recognise what is normal and what is not.

On this point, do I really need to say something comparable regarding a regular paper mileage claim?

It was a funny thought experiment, huh?

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