Make your workday more profitable with ABAX Reports

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Information is power, power to save time and increase profitability. But too much information displayed in a confusing way quickly becomes counter productive. ABAX has listened to our 200,000 customers and created detailed, easy to run reports that provide relevant, accessible information – giving you exactly what you need in seconds.

Which reports will benefit your fleet?

ABAX Scheduled reports

Ensure you have the most up to date fleet information by building customised reports and have them sent directly to your email every day, week or month. To learn how to create ABAX scheduled reports on your account, watch our short training video here.

ABAX Report package

Remain tax compliant with various tax and efficiency reports created specifically to meet HMRC fleet requirements. ABAX constantly monitors any HMRC legislation changes ensuring our system is compliant. Remember, all data is stored for up to ten years, HMRC require six.

ABAX Distance report

Analyse driver and fleet efficiency with the ABAX Distance report. This report shows the total mileage, number of trips and trip duration for specific drivers, vehicles or your whole fleet over a time period you define.

ABAX Notification report

If the device stops working, the system will automatically notify you. If a driver has updated their Triplog data and detects unauthorised use, the system will notify you. Any notification alerts will be listed in this report keeping you in control.

ABAX Invoice basis

Do you invoice your customers on an hourly basis? Or need to verify work was completed on time? The ABAX Invoice report uses your fleet and equipment to export invoice documentation direct from the system. For example, with ABAX invoice basis you could invoice driven trips to a specific location.