Top tips for choosing the right vehicle tracking supplier

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A recent feature published in (Commercial Fleet, 2017) suggested 10 top tips to follow when choosing the right vehicle tracking supplier… So how do ABAX compare?

1. What do you need the system to do? Some popular features are a track-and-trace live map, digital timesheets, scheduled reporting and eliminating unauthorised use.

These are the core of the ABAX Triplog system.


2. What is the goal of the system? Be honest and share your company goals with the vehicle tracking supplier to see what they can offer. If the goal is to reduce the fuel bill, find out what features are specifically designed to do this.

ABAX reduces your fuel bill by an average of 20% by eliminating unauthorised use and help with route planning.


3. Think long-term - Tracking is a technology and technology moves fast. Think about what you need today and what you may need in the future. 

ABAX have a designated research, development and creativity team with all updates and improvements added free for the life-time of your contract.


4. Are they in it for the long-term? Ensure that the tracking supplier is well-established and will be around for the long-term.

ABAX was founded in 2003 in Norway and has been trading in the UK since 2012. In 2016, the Berg Insight report named ABAX the fastest growing telematics company in Europe.


5. Existing systems integration - Can the tracking system be integrated with current IT systems?

The ABAX Triplog has an open API, meaning that your development team can take the data from it and use it in any other IT system.


6. Function vs cost - Do not focus on price, consider functionality, return on investment and how it meets your needs.

ABAX systems are cost neutral with our average customer seeing a full return on investment by the 6th month.


7. Communication and feedback - Ensure that communication is open and honest with your employees – What can you see, why are you using the system, how will it affect their day-to-day jobs.

ABAX offer driver training sessions to help the on-boarding phase. Being open and honest will not only keep staff moral high, but it is also vital to comply with the Data Protection Act (1998) and the Human Rights Act (1998).


8. Effective reporting - Ensure that the data that is collected from the system is put into effective reports, so that smart decisions can be made regarding your fleet of vehicles.

ABAX has several key reports that digest the relevant information in easy to manage reports; these can be scheduled to your email address on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


9. Conduct a trial - Some suppliers will allow you to take a free trial with the product to see if it meets your needs before a contract is signed.

ABAX will happily set up a full demonstration of the system to show you why we currently have 200,000 active users. If you are still unsure, we can set up a free trial on a portion of your fleet. 


10. Implementation and support - Ongoing support throughout the use of the tracking system is important. Being able to contact your tracking supplier at any time of the day or week should be an industry standard.

ABAX have 24/7 support as standard. We can arrange a driver and administrator training session, have over 50 online training videos and each product has a regularly updated user manual.