Vehicle tracking for small business owners

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Are you a small family-run business owner that runs a few company vehicles? Have you ignored the idea of vehicle tracking for your fleet, as you trust your drivers completely?

Recent research (Fleet Point, 2017) has shown that 44% of medium fleets (10-49 vehicles) and 35% of smaller fleets (1-9 vehicles) are aware of the changes in company car tax, in turn showing that a large amount of fleets are not aware. This could therefore call for large tax fines if the HMRC conduct an audit.

This blog post is designed to inform you on some of the reasons that vehicle tracking could benefit your company, regardless the size or amount of vehicles your company has.


There a few questions to ask. Are your employees paying BIK tax? If not, then are you 100% sure that your vans are not being used outside of working hours if they are taken home? The ABAX Triplog records all of the information that is required by the HMRC to ensure that your vehicles are tax compliant, and that you as the employer do not receive a large tax fine, as well as the employee. 


Vehicle tracking enables small fleets to increase savings and reduce costs associated with the vehicles used within the business. Admin time is reduced as a result of there being no need to complete manual mileage logs. In addition, there will be a reduction in business mileage claimed, due to a more efficient driving pattern amongst the employees.


Real-time location enables you to see all of your vehicles that are equipped with ABAX Triplog on a digital map. This enables you to improve customer service levels and inform customers on the exact time and location of their delivery/ or time the builder will arrive.

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