Get the mileage claim you are entitled to

Do you use your own car for business trips? Do you register your trips manually? Stop that right now, and download our app instead which automatically documents all driving within business hours.

Whatever your reason for mileage claim is, our app does the work for you. No more pen and paper and spending time logging your mileage.

Our app is tax compliant, and delivers accurate digital mileage claim generated from your smartphone. It automatically documents all driving within business hours and improves efficiency throughout the mileage claim process. The app is perfect for drivers who submit mileage claims for business trips.

In the app you can easily add parking expenses, and also change your trips between private and business with a swipe. When you are ready to send your mileage claim, you can easily generate a report directly in the app and send it to the correct recipient.

Download the mileage claim app.