Increased effectiveness thanks to ABAX Worker

“We decided on ABAX Worker for several reasons”, says Jon Louis Mjøs, the CEO and carpenter of JLM Bygg. “Not only do we now earn more revenue, but ABAX Worker has also saved us a lot of time”.

The small but busy carpentry firm explained that they would rather spend time building, than sat at their desks completing complicated and time-consuming project management documentation. Their process was not working for them, their customers or their suppliers.

Jon Louis explains, “ABAX Worker came as a positive surprise to us. I am not exaggerating when I say that since implementing the solution we now generate more revenue, we are more effective and have full control of all costs. ABAX Worker makes it clear which project is profitable to us and allows us to register accurate time spent on each project for both our suppliers and us. For a small business such as ourselves, it is extremely important to have full control in all sections, which is where ABAX Worker is very helpful.”

Better Control

Jon Louis also highlights how JLM Bygg have saved a lot of time, thanks to their new project management tool.  

ABAX Worker is very simple. Time tracking is straightforward and the app makes project management an easy process. We are no longer wasting time on emails, long phone conversations and written notes. My calculations show that we now use at least one day a month less on administration.”

Recommends ABAX Worker to other carpenters

“The money we have invested in this solution, we easily earned back in time and money saved on our projects. As a bonus, we now have happier customers and suppliers”, says Mjøs.