Save several hours weekly thanks to our new Project Management tool

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"Thanks to our new Project Management tool, ABAX Worker, we are saving several hours a week on administration. Our work day has changed a lot, both in the office and out in the field", says Mikael Husberg, CEO of the construction company Hag Bygg og Bad.

"Before we started using ABAX Worker, we spent several hours weekly on sharing updates, answering technical questions, discussing drawings and workflow on the phone. ABAX Worker helps solve these issues directly in the app instead. I have a full overview of all projects on my computer, while the workers use the phone app to access project descriptions, drawings, plans and checklists", says Huseberg.

Huseberg feels that he as a manager now can focus more on other important tasks, instead of spending hours on the phone coordinating and planning. The workers also spend less time asking questions and solving issues on the phone and more time working on projects. This creates more revenue, and a more effective workday.

"Verbal messages can easily be misunderstood, which is never a good thing as we often loose both money and time on this. Now that we have all projects and its information gathered in one simple app, it is much easier for everyone to do the job in a correct and time effective manner. Great for us, and even better for the customer", says Husberg.

Husberg also adds: "ABAX Worker is an easy-to-use project management tool. We tested three other solutions before we decided to give ABAX Worker a try. The competitors couldn’t really compare. They were simply too complicated. ABAX Worker is as easy to use as an iPhone", Husberg concludes.