1 year anniversary of the ABAX Stadium

November 26th sees the first Anniversary of the naming of the ABAX Stadium. This date saw Peterborough United take an initial 5-year partnership with us, ABAX!

The past year has been very exciting for both us at ABAX and Peterborough United.

We have developed massively, with now nearly 20 employees in the UK, and over 260 in the whole planet of ABAX. However, at ABAX UK, we are looking to expand even further and have over 90 employees by the next year. Our main recruitment periods are January and August, followed by a ‘Kick-off’ weekend in Norway for all employees to socialise. As a result of the expansion, we are keen to move office to house the new employees.

Not only has it been a busy year for us at ABAX, but it has also been a busy and eventful year for Peterborough United, seeing Darren Ferguson’s career as manager end in February 2015, being replaced by Dave Robertson and then replaced by the current Manager Graham Westley. Peterborough United have played superbly so far, with their last game being a 4-0 win against Doncaster at the ABAX Stadium.

We have gained many perks from the partnership with Peterborough United, for example: having an executive box, the ability to attend the sponsor day in the summer and the ability to sponsor large games such as Easter Monday last year.

At ABAX, we are excited to see what the rest of our partnership with Peterborough United Football Club has to offer and we are hoping that Posh’s season remains positive for the rest of the year.