12 of the craziest vehicles

From real life batmobiles to one seater cars, check out some of the craziest vehicles!
Flame throwing motorbike
    • Sinclair C5 - The entrepreneur Sir Clive Sinclair created this one seater 30 years ago. The idea was to revolutionise personal transport, at the cost of £399.
    • Top gear P45- This was designed and created by Jeremy Clarkson and is the smallest car in the world.
    • Carver one- This three wheeler vehicle is a mixture between a motorbike and airplane. It has 68bhp and a 660cc turbocharged Daihatsu engine. It can get from 0-60 mph in 8.0 seconds. However, this vehicle comes at a hefty price of nearly £30,000.
    • Cedric Lynch's car - This mixture between a car and an airplane was created by Cedric Lynch.
    • Homer Simpson's bubble car- Homer Simpson's design of the bubble car was created and costs $82,000. It comes with features to help find you car in a car park, soundproof bubble for kids, large cup holder and sound proof interiors.
    • Real life Batmobile- Batman's car has been made and it looks super!
    • We also mustn't forget the real life 'Little Tike' car that has gone on sale for £21,500!
    • Will.i.am's designed car- Will.i.am, previously from the Black Eyed Peas, designed the new Delorean car, after the Back to the Future films.
    • Flame throwing motorbike- Colin Furze created this crazy vehicle.
    • Toilet bike- He also created this...
    • Longest Motorbike- And this... look at the size of it!
    • Mutts Cutts van - The Dumb and Dumber van is definitely one that you can't miss on the road!
Longest Motorbike
Mutts Cutts van
Little Tikes Car
Sinclair C5
Toilet Bike
Top Gear P45
Will.i.am Delorean design
real life batmobile
Homer Simpson Bubble Car