3 ways to prevent the vehicle theft nightmare

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A painful nightmare for any van driver is when their vehicle is stolen. It is not just the loss of the van and valuable equipment that is very costly, but also the loss of working hours, cancelled agreements and possibly future or current customers.


Let us face it – as a business owner you want your vehicle recovered as soon as possible. So, here are three profitable practices to help reduce vehicle theft and aid vehicle and equipment recovery.

1. Install a GPS-based tracking device. 

Let us be clear- tracking is a theft recovery tool and does not stop your vehicle or equipment being stolen. When deciding on your system it is important to install a reliable product with an internal battery. This is so the GPS/GSM signals are sent even if power to the unit is disconnected. The better the product, the more reliable the signal and longer it will last – this gives you the best chance of recovering your vehicle.

2. Park somewhere open and visible.

If staff take the vehicles home – ensure they park them somewhere open and well lit. Educate your staff on smart places to park- avoiding dark alleyways or enclosed spaces. The best solution to keeping a full fleet is stop them from being stolen in the first place!

3. Mark your tools and equipment.

Make sure your tools and equipment are marked. This makes it more difficult to be resold and easier to trace back to you. Higher valuable assets and equipment (such as plant machinery) should always be fitted with GPS based tracking units. Yes, the insurance may cover the cost of the equipment but what about the loss of earnings– a good tracking system is a cost neutral investment.