4 in 10 vehicles are Grey Fleet

First and foremost, what is grey fleet? Grey Fleet is a term for when an employee uses their own personal car for business purposes.
Grey Fleet

An article published this week has stated that employees using their own cars for work is costing the economy a whopping £5.5bn a year! The main reason? Grey fleet cars are often older and more polluting to the environment than company vehicles.

So what are the solutions?

Green VehiclesGreen vehicles are environmentally friendly, fleets should consider using green vehicles such as electric cars or ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV). There are of course higher initial costs, however, they often offer a fantastic return on investment through savings on reduced fuel costs and tax payments.

ABAXIf you are driving a grey fleet vehicle, you will be logging your miles in order for your mileage to be reimbursed per mile. In order to ensure that the mileage is being logged accurately to the nearest decimal place, the use of an ABAX Triplog would be effective. In turn making the individual in charge of your companies vehicles life a lot easier due to 100% accuracy. We save customers an average of 20% on their annual fuel bill.