5 Tips to Keeping Safe on the Roads this Winter!

ABAX have put together 5 Top Tips for keeping safe on the roads this winter.

It’s always important to pay attention on the road, but as winter approaches, the road surface does not give the same kind of grip as it does on a bright summer's day! 

Do not use your mobile phone

You’ve seen the news. You’ve heard the stories. You’ve seen the consequences. Just don’t do it. If you need to take care of phone calls during the trip, if safe to do so, you can can pull over and take the phone call when you have stopped and are no longer a hazard to others. Two hands on the steering wheel is always better than one.

Stick to the speed limits

It is vital you stick to the speed limits in colder weather! Although sometimes there are situations where you are on a tight schedule, it is worth remembering the danger high speeds can bring. During the winter, braking distances are longer than twice the normal control! Make sure you also keep plenty of distance from other vehicles during these conditions.

Be aware of 'Black ice'

Black ice, sometimes referred to as 'clear ice’, is a thin layer of ice that surfaces on the road, which is not visible to the naked eye. It can be extremely dangerous and has caused many road traffic accidents du. Make sure you avoid any sudden movements during these conditions. In the event of an accident, try and steer into objects that will cause the least amount of damage (or at least try!)

Stay visible

Make sure you have the correct lights on in winter conditions. Pedestrian visibility will become limited, or even non-existent – even when the roads are well lit. You can help keep pedestrians safe by ensuring your vehicle has good, working headlights and windscreen wipers.

Carry the safety essentials

If you have an accident yourself, or you arrive at the scene of a crash, be sure to first secure yourself so you can help others. A high-vis vest helps you ensure your visibility and you will be able to warn other motorists of the accident. Make sure you also carry a fist aid kit in your vehicle!