8 benefits that the ABAX Triplog will bring to your business

Benefits of the ABAX Triplog
    • You will get a complete overview of your entire fleet. This can be tracked on a live map, to see all employees whereabouts
    • Triplog provides totally accurate records of business and personal mileage in a format recognised as best practice by tax authorities. The employee has the option of choosing private/business mileage
    • You will have a full understanding of exactly how the vehicles are being used, for example: the speed
    • You can eliminate any costly and unauthorised use of the vehicles
    • The mileage of your vehicles can be greatly reduced allowing you to make substantial savings
    • You will be able to improve your customer service and provide a quicker response time for urgent assignments, giving accurate locations and timings
    • Our technology and systems give you unbridled national coverage
    • ABAX are an ethical company, therefore full respect is given to employee privacy and data protection outside normal working hours