ABAX Kick off 2015 in style

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ABAX is pleased to announce the intake of over 50 new members of staff this January. In order to support the expansion of the UK division, 8 members of staff have started right here in Warmington.

The ABAX office will now accommodate 5 additional lead generators, 2 more salesmen and a revamped customer service department.

UK owner and director Frank Ystenes said: “ABAX’s sales increased by 200 per cent in 2014, therefore, in order to grow as a business, we must support this expansion with new recruits.

“ABAX is a highly ambitious company with a proven track record for success in the Nordic region."

"Our initial five-year partnership with Peterborough United demonstrates our commitment to grow in the UK."

He added: “I welcome all the new recruits to ABAX and look forward to a prosperous 2015."

The new recruits were put through their paces during an intensive first week on the job as part of a 100 day training plan. At the end of very hard week, new and existing staff gathered at the company headquarters in Larvik for 'Kick Off'.

Employees were treated to some well-earned time in a Nordic spa, a trip to a winter wonderland in the mountains and finally a gala dinner that recognised the achievements of the previous year.

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