ABAX Mileage Capture System

ABAX Mileage Capture System

At ABAX we design and manufacture our Triplog and tracking technology. Our technology is utilised across 150,000 business vehicles internationally and built on the foundation of increasing efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring tax and privacy compliance.

The ABAX Triplog is our main product. It is a self-installable, world leading GPS solution designed for company cars and grey fleet cars on a mileage claim system.

Triplog works by automatically documenting all driving via GPS, producing an accurate, digital business mileage log that follows recommendations set out by HMRC.

The biggest challenge for GPS technologies in company and grey fleet cars is privacy- the area where Triplog excels. Triplog is designed to give employees full control over their privacy settings, which at the strictest level, keeps trips private until the employee submits their digital business mileage log.

Mileage log management is completed using the brand new ABAX Mobile app. What previously took employee’s hours now takes minutes as employees can accurately update, maintain and submit their trips at the touch of a button.

In short, whether you have 1 car or 1000, Triplog is a mileage capture technology that streamlines a long-winded, out-dated manual process to make a more robust, efficient, cost effective solution that keeps businesses tax compliant.