ABAX Triplog: Employer vs Employee perspectives

Do you have a company car? If so, say goodbye to time-consuming, manual logs and say hello to the electronic, smart GPS solution.

The ABAX Triplog is designed to save both the employer and the employee time and money and here we explain just how…

Employer perspective

  1. Stay tax compliant. The ABAX Triplog is 100% accurate and 100% digital, which means businesses don’t have to worry about getting hit by the tax man. Businesses who have inaccurate, neglected vehicle logs can receive large fines dated up to 6 years – don’t let this be you! Read more about avoiding tax hits here.
  2. Save time on administration. The system can be set up to allow the driver’s logs to be filled in automatically, which means not only is time saved in admin, but also allows a business to stay safe in the time required by HRMC to deliver documentation
  3. Cost efficiency. 100% accuracy also ensures that all trips are logged correctly; eradicating the risk of error and therefore increasing overall cost efficiently.

“The main benefit for us has been the ability to better utilise our fleet of service vehicles". RTC Plant Services

“It has allowed us to maintain or high levels of customer service".  Peterborough Office Supplies

“It has given us greater control". Tee Kay Packaging

Employee perspective

  1. No more manual logging. Having to worry about filling in a manual vehicle log can be frustrating and also very time consuming. It also runs the risk of error and inaccurate logging (for example, rounding up the number of miles on the trip). With the electronic Triplog, you can concentrate on the essentials and set your log to be filled in automatically – meaning you don’t need to worry about all the trips you do during the day!
  2. Privacy is protected. As ABAX have mentioned in previous articles, tracking is not the purpose of the ABAX Triplog. The core feature of the product is to ensure tax compliancy in regards to any vehicle usage within a business. In a vehicle that allows private usage, an employee can set the system up in a way which ensures privacy during non-business trips.

Read our ‘GPS Tracking & The Law’ post for more information on privacy, tracking and the law.

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