ABAX employees saddle up for a Wild West October


A crucial factor behind ABAX’s continued growth and success is the company’s high employee retention and satisfaction rates.

Employee surveys are conducted throughout the year to assess the overall happiness of staff. The target is to have 80% satisfied employees – each survey gives results higher than this.

To integrate newcomers into the company, ABAX dedicates two months of the year to promoting enthusiasm and fun in the workplace that, in turn, inspires its employees to a greater level of performance.

The months are March and October, and this month employees are embracing the American frontier with an autumnal Wild West theme.

Sandra Lindberg, ABAX Marketing Director, said: “The main reason for arranging themed months like this is to encourage employees to break out of fixed work patterns, inspire creativity and generate enthusiasm among our employees.

“ABAX gives our employees the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves, an opportunity they always embrace wholeheartedly."

The Norwegian-owned company, which established in the UK in 2012, now employs more than 260 people at its offices in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and the UK.

However, with so many different personalities and cultures working closely together, there’s the potential for barriers to form between people. In time, this can prevent an efficient and healthy work environment.

This is why the themed months are so successful in integrating employees.

Chris Miller, UK Quality Manager said: “The ABAX culture and the way we work here is very important. It is also necessary if we are to succeed in maintaining our expansion into new markets and countries.

“In our job interviews for new employees we keep a strong focus on the attitude and work ethics a person brings with them to the company.

“We strongly believe that if our employees are content then this has a knock-on effect with our customer happiness and satisfaction.

“When looking at the employee satisfaction rates we can safely say we have been right so far."

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About ABAX
    • ABAX is a market leader in developing products to support businesses and individuals who use a vehicle at work. These products include fleet management software, mileage capture technology and equipment monitoring devices.
    • ABAX has a UK office at Warmington, near Peterborough.
    • ABAX hit the headlines in November 2014 when Peterborough United announced the company as its major new partner. This five-year deal includes the naming of the club’s ground to ABAX Stadium.