ABAX - the bridge between driver and vehicle data

ABAX have developed an advanced Telematics platform for collecting, processing and presenting vehicle data with the main focus on GPS positioning data applied in company vehicle tracking/monitoring systems (i.e tax compliance, cost control etc.) and equipment tracking/monitoring systems.
ABAX Fleet Management

Super growth areasOne area with rapid growth for ABAX is the Fleet Management System and advanced vehicle data collection (through OBD/CAN Bus) for vehicle/driver behaviour, vehicle diagnostics and prognostics. Huge opportunities are opening up for new applications and services for the driver and the company that operates the vehicles from advanced vehicle data. There are a lot of stakeholders who have an interest in the data collected from vehicles.The ServicesThe connected car not only tells the driver when it needs attention/service, it can also be connected to a service provider in the Telematics platform that returns date/time suggestions to the driver or operator.

The connected car can alert road assistance providers for immediate help if the car has troubles or has been in an accident.

The operator/owner of the vehicle/fleet can gather vehicle data to educate drivers about ECO friendly driving or how to be compliant with governmental reporting regulations regarding company vehicles.

A lot of insurance companies can give adapted insurance solutions (UBI) to operators/drivers considering how they use the vehicles and their driving behaviour.

Positioning data and remote controlling locks and ignition enables car pooling/sharing with the connected car.The market opportunitiesThere is a huge commercial opportunity for localised affinity marketing solutions for vehicle data (cooperation's with suppliers that share the drivers/operators as customers). Local suppliers could give adapted offers of everything you may need as a driver/vehicle in the area.

If the car has been operated for a longtime without any stops, a nice message that "pauses is good for safety" together with a free hot coffee at the next gas station could be sent to cars within a certain area.

If you need to fill up the fluids, the car tells you where the nearest fuel station is or what station has the best prices. The station could provide you with an offer to make you stop.

Local garages could give service deals to cars in the neighbourhood that are due to have a service on their car. Local brand dealerships/workshops could communicate offers to cars with certain brands.The disruptive companyThe company that manages to be the industry standard for Telematics solutions in the connected car have the possibility to be a new UBER, AirBnB in the car and driver industry.

The value of the market is enormous and the future is so bright we have to wear sunglasses ;-)

/Peter Tilling