Apparently Telematics systems are difficult to use - ours definitely isn’t!

ABAX Fleet Management Systems

Written by Dean Stiles on November 23rd for Global Cold Chain News.

A recent study conducted by AGM RouteMaster reveals that 60% of fleet operators are not satisfied with the performance of the telematics system that they are in a contract with. This would not be the case if it was the ABAX Telematics System that they were using.

The individuals that responded stated that they were not able to easily access and quickly retrieve vehicle data. This is not the case for the ABAX Triplog, as the data is easily accessible via any web enabled device, or even a handy mobile app if you are a driver on the go. The data is stored and easily accessible for 10 years, far exceeding the requirements of HMRC.

Other individuals complained that they did not receive enough support from their supplier when they needed help with the system. ABAX’s Customer Support department are available 24/7, therefore any queries with the system are solved straight away. Furthermore, ABAX operates with a proactive service team. Through developing and owning the entire system, ABAX can identify when clients are not using the products to their fullest potential. This allows for first class customer support whereby ABAX contact customers before they even realise that they need assistance.

Individuals also state that the solution they thought they were getting to help them reduce fuel, operating costs and increase their efficiency, actually did not deliver. Our products at ABAX are world-leading in their respective fields and have already helped numerous customers to reduce the overall fuel spend on their company vehicles. As well as teaching customers to obtain these benefits, ABAX primary focus has always been to protect businesses and their employees from breaching HMRC’s tax rules on vehicle usage.

Fundamentally, ABAX design their system around tax compliance and ease of use. ABAX’ in-house development team is always working to make sure that the product range is at the cutting edge of the market within the telematics field. The latest ABAX release s has seen a complete overhaul of the user interface. ABAX UK Quality Manager Chris Miller explains, “The release of an adaptive interface allows for the ABAX system to be used on any device without the need for separate mobile and desktop websites".