Are mirrorless HGV's the future?

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Dutch company Orlaco have revealed their plan to replace side-mirrors on HGV's with an intelligent camera system / mirrorless HGV's.

MirrorEye is an intelligent camera system that utilises two HD-quality cameras on either side of the vehicles cab. The driver can view images in real-time on a HD monitor providing optimum view of roads everywhere, anytime.

The digital technology also boasts a host of other benefits to safety and efficiency. Safety features including a vehicle alarm sounding if the driver is changing lane into the path of a unnoticed vehicle and a night vision function when driving in the dark. Efficiency tests also show that the systems aerodynamic design results in a 1-2% reduction in fuel consumption when compared to a truck with traditional side-mirrors.

Five years ago, if a fleet manager were told that they could potentially save tens of thousands of pounds in fuel simply by removing the side mirrors, they would have not believed you! Now, in a connected world powered by technology, it is a perfect example of how simple ideas combined with advances in technology can make huge differences to the norm of the way a company operates it fleet. Something that ABAX are always exploring.

Here you can take a look at the MirrorEye teaser presentation. It is interesting to think about where the marvels of technology will take us in the next five years.