Back to Basics: ABAX Triplog

Here we go back to the basic of the ABAX Triplog.
back to basics

What is ABAX Triplog?

Do you own company vehicles? Are these used for private journeys, taken home by drivers or are they given as a perk? Do your fuel costs seem to be sky high? Or are you just getting fed up with filling in and managing manual mileage logs? ABAX Triplog can help.

ABAX Triplog is a smart GPS tracking solution which can be self-installed into company vehicles. The triplog documents all driving through GPS and minimises the amount of tax paid, while eliminating the risk of HMRC penalty charges.

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Why electronic?

There are many problems that come with filling in manual mileage logs – not to mention, they are no fun to do! The time staff spend filling in their manual logs could be spent on performing more valuable tasks (read more).  And as time is money, I will only mention a few of the benefits an electronic vehicle tracker can bring:

    • ABAX Triplog documents every detail, for example departure time, the route, the speed, the distance. It’s easy, automatic and fast!
    • Keep all your trips safe in the cloud instead of on a shelf. The empty place on the shelf can be decorated with that photo of last year’s summer fishing trip (even though you didn’t catch anything).
    • No extra administrative work! You can download reports straight from the system, which is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate around.
    • Drivers can focus on the important jobs instead of filling out manual mileage logs. Time and money well spent!
    • In addition, you always know where your company vehicles are. Our system uses a real-time map which enables you to view all driver behaviour on a live map.

These are just a few benefits that will make your everyday life easier. Oh, and I forgot to mention, stolen vehicles can also be found with ABAX Triplog (see here)! Don't hesitate to contact us and we can check the specific benefits for your company.