Being an international company

Planet ABAX

ABAX is an international company - with offices in 6 different countries, with 6 different cultures. We have organised the company as a planet (Planet ABAX), this helps us stay agile and react fast as an organisation in order to the ever-changing markets.

Our office locations are:
    • Norway
    • Sweden
    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • Netherlands
    • UK
We have employees working for ABAX, that work abroad - in different countries to their norm. Even though we have six offices, we do have a lot of cooperation and interaction with each other. You might work in the UK but your nearest leader could be based in Norway. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t as much communication if they were to work in the UK. Everyone accesses their emails, is down the other end of the phone, or is available to contact via video conference.


One of the biggest obstacles for great team work, especially in Scandinavia, is that we and others often think we are all the same and hence ignore our differences. But if we are aware of these differences and cooperate the right way - the Scandinavian model is truly a world class Super brand.





5.084 million

Time-focused / Like skiing


9.593 million

'Lagom' (in the middle) and Reliable


5.614 million

They like Lego (it is Danish)


5.439 million

Like to socialise


16.8 million

Lots of bikes


64.1 million

Polite & like to drink tea