Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions have been collected from the technical support team which could help you with any questions that you have.
Frequently Asked Questions at ABAX- Customer Support
What is my Password / Username?
    • Users can self-subscribe to a one-time password before logging in, see "Forgot Password?"
    • If the user has more than one profile, he'll need to contact customer service or your super user (administrators can send the password in the "Drivers" tab)
How do I format my Telephone number for notifications?
    • The telephone number must always be formatted + 44. The system works worldwide and therefore the international dialling code is required
How do I combine trips?
    • The Triplog combines trips where stopping is less than three minutes. Users can adjust the time longer than this in the "Settings" tab
    • Automatic merging happens if the driver's Triplog device does not receive a GPS connection at the beginning of the trip
What are the Customer Service hours of operation?
    • The Customer service department are available 24/7
Where should the Triplog be installed onto the vehicle?
    • ABAX Electronic Triplog is designed to be installed outside of the front windshield of the car. The device is weatherproof
    • Where the battery of the vehicle is not under the bonnet, the device can be located on top of the dashboard
Why is the signal not working on the Triplog?
    • The device needs a clear line of sight to GPS satellites. Metal blocks the signal, however plastic won’t
    • Check where the unit is located. Can it see the sky? If not, move to the front windscreen or top of the dashboard
    • The device should flash green if the fuse is removed and replaced.
My vehicle has been stolen – can you tell me where it is?
    • The vehicle can be located on the Live Map
    • Check the last time that a GPS position was reported. Has the unit given you a ‘lost power source’ message? Check the trips that the vehicle has made since stolen. Do you recognise any of these addresses?
Why wont the system accept my registration number
    • Enter the 7 digit registration number without any spaces
    • If you have a private registration number, call our customer services team. They will need to configure your account to use special registration numbers
Why are my calls now taken by a call centre in Norway
    • All customer service calls are now routed to our head office in Norway. You will still be dealt with by staff who speak perfect English
    • The majority of customer service cases were previously forwarded to this technical team by our UK workforce
    • Our UK workforce is now spending much more time working with our customers on-site. In order to handle incoming queries quickly and effectively, they are now bypassing the UK support team and going directly to our head office
    • Should an issue need to be dealt with by a UK team member, the ticket will be transferred to the UK-based team who will address it as soon as they are available
If you do not find the answer to your question or want to know more, our customer service team can help you.

Telephone - 01733 698888 or email