Different industries, different needs

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Different companies have different needs with regards to monitoring their fleet of vehicles, whether this is transporting goods, or people, the main aim is being able to move from A to B in the most efficient way.

The ABAX Triplog can be used in different industries to document business mileage required by the HMRC but also for other useful purposes.

We've put together industry-specific tips of how to use an electronic triplog within different businesses. You can find some useful information in the following industries:

 Public sector 

 Sales Organisations

Service and maintenance

 Delivery and logistics

Our client base is wide and not all businesses can naturally be categorised into our example industries. However, ABAX is a problem solver for anyone who uses a vehicle in their work. Therefore, whether your business is large or small, familiar or uncommon, we can tailor the right solution for your business.

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