Do you spend or do you invest?

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Imagine you buy a brand new mobile phone. You find what you think is an amazing deal – it is a fantastic price, you get to choose all the apps you want, it comes with a nice leather case, free insurance and so much mobile data allowance you will never need a Wi-Fi connection again.


However, there is a drawback – the way you set up you mobile on day one is how it stays for the duration of your contract - a 36-month contract. This means no new model to upgrade to, no system updates and no new apps to download. Short term, sure, it is a great solution, but how long do you think it will be until really need to download that brand new app? Or need a upgraded model with a new feature that is perfect for you?

What if I told you that thousands of businesses are treating their telematics and tracking like this mobile phone. The UK is flooded with ‘re-sellers’ who all sell one of a few products marked with their logo. Sure, the technology works, but they are just a shopfront, they buy and they sell. This leads me to the question; ‘do you spend or do you invest?

Telematics and tracking is a technology, a technology that is moving forward at lightning speed. Subsequently, in my opinion, one of the most overlooked aspects of ABAX is our in-house research, creativity and development teams. At ABAX, we have a designated team working on each of our products providing improvements and updates based directly on customer feedback.

One recent suggestion was to update geo-fences. For those that do not know, a geo-fence is an ‘area’ drawn over the digital map that can be used as a reference point for system alerts and reports. For our update, we introduced 100% customisable polygon geo-fences- so accurate that one savvy customer actually marked out the London Congestion Zone!

2017 is going to be a progressive year for ABAX, with three new products on the road-map you can be certain that ABAX continues to invest heavily in the future, and by investing in us, you do too.