Do you think about Information Security when choosing Vehicle Tracking?

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There are many electronic mileage claim systems available on the market, but how many of these companies invest in their client security? As Digitalisation continues to increase, customer security is one of the main factors companies should be focused on.

One of ABAX's strengths is ISO certifications, and in particular ISO 27001 - Information Security Management systems. With these certifications, we want to show our customers the high quality of information security we have, which we are continuing to invest in.

Security at ABAX
ABAX maintain a high level of information security to ensure that our customers’ own data is protected against unauthorised access. In order to ensure a high level of information security we undertake risk analysis, identify security threats, and set strict requirements. Naturally, we also develop our own operations and our employees are continuously familiarised with our own security training to ensure the safe handling of information at every given time.

The goals of ABAX’s Information Security are to:

  • Contribute to safe information processing, i.e protect ABAX’s information resources from infractions of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.
  • Prevent, detect and rapidly repair security infractions to minimise damages.
  • Ensure that ABAX works in accordance with the industry’s current legislation.
  • Ensure that all ABAX employees, as well as temporary staff, have the necessary information security competence and training.
  • Reinforce and support ABAX’s business goals.

You can find more information on ISO 27001 Data Security here.