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When drivers use their own vehicle for work, they are still under the responsibility of the employer.
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The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) last week published a report on Managing Grey Fleet Safety: A Short Guide for Companies Whose Staff Drive Their Own Cars For Work.

This report focuses on the challenge of fleet management and reducing general road safety risks. It explains an employer’s legal responsibilities, the benefits of effective grey fleet management and how to improve road safety through risk assessment and implementing a clear grey fleet policy.

The report highlights important topics in a well-referenced, clear and approachable way. Nevertheless, I am disappointed that 1. Potential issues are raised without a good solution and 2. No mention of any fleet technology - Especially when point two often solves point one. Therefore, to add to the original report - listed are five problems the report outlines and how our technology can offer a solution:

1. Reducing fleet mileage (4.1 & 4.5): Digital trip information and routing allow you to get more control over your fleet, adjust routes and spot unnecessary trips.

2. Speeding (4.3): Speeding is proportional to accident frequency – receive speeding alerts and operate a safer fleet.

3. Using a mobile phone while driving (4.3): Vehicle tracking often comes with a live map, see when your vehicles are moving and know when it is safe to call.

4. Vehicle status (4.4): Digitise your administration and keep insurance, MOT and servicing documentation in one easy to manage place.

5. Maintenance (4.6): Receive servicing notifications when vehicles has passed your company policy threshold – keep your fleet green and safe.

There is no doubt effectively managing your grey fleet is a challenge. But make that challenge easier by taking advantage of ABAX's cost neutral solutions. If you would like to know more, please leave a comment or get in touch on 01733 698 888.