Field Service- Asif Rashid

We interviewed another new member of staff at ABAX UK...

Interviewer: Hello and welcome to ABAX - tell me a bit about yourself please

My name is Asif, I used to work in customer service for a company called Burnt Tree. I was in charge of heavy commercial vehicles and vans. I saw the opportunity for ABAX, applied for the role and I was successful.

Interviewer: What role do you do at the company?

I started off in customer services, so I was doing welcome calls, follow up calls, installations and now I’ve moved onto Field Services.

Interviewer: Who’s your favourite colleague?

All the colleagues in the Field service department and the CEO, Chris!

Interviewer: How were your first few months at ABAX?

Really enjoyed it. A really good fun and vibrant company to work for. Really refreshing to find a company that wants the best from you.

Interviewer: What did you think of the training agenda?

I loved the agenda and everything that was on the agenda

To watch the interview, click here