Fleet management systems – the trend of the future

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It has recently been reported that Fleet management systems in Europe are expected to reach 14.1 million by 2021.

But what are fleet management systems? What can I do with them?

One of the most common examples of a fleet management system is a digital tachograph. It allows you to record data related to a vehicle and working hours. This data can be used for countless amount of purposes, depending on the company and the target that they are aiming for.

There are several vehicle-mounted equipment in the market which can be called fleet management systems - this equipment can be used to monitor, for example, the driver's way of driving, fuel consumption and a vehicles whereabouts. With the data that you can access via fleet management systems, companies are able to raise their business effectiveness, have a higher level of customer service and develop driving habits.

GPS is the most common standard equipment in fleet management systems – so you are able to use these systems also as a tracking device to track expensive company equipment.

How is an electronic triplog classed as a fleet management system?

Nowadays, digital mileage claims are much more than what they say on the tin. The development of technology and digitalisation has transformed the electronic triplog into a tool alongside a fleet management system, offering several services to companies, depending on a company's wants and needs.

ABAX Triplog, our electronic triplog, could offer you:

  • Support for your company’s invoicing
  • Location information
  • Theft security
  • Maintenance notifications
  • Mileage allowance
  • Parking tool

… And this is just the beginning.