Forget the new hover board trend, electric vehicles are becoming the next big thing


As mentioned in previous posts, electric and plug-in vehicles are becoming more affordable, which has made the UK the Europe’s fastest growing market for electric vehicles.

The electric vehicles available today are able to do 250 miles on a single charge, and 0-60 in 3 seconds. However, a current limitation is the lack of charging points, which is being looked into by the Government – to increase charging points in more public places, like train stations.

Having transport that is good for the environment could see some massive advantages, especially during the current VW scandal. If the Government and public show more interest in the electric vehicles, then manufacturers will see the demand and focus their production on this sector.

So… put your hover board away and get searching for your economically friendly Electric Vehicle – this is the new trend! You won’t get told off for driving one of these either, unlike the hover board, which is illegal!