Happy customers - Opals Group

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Opals Group is a Communications Infrastructure Services Company, who design, build, manage and maintain communications infrastructure from national network operators, defense services for homes and businesses across the UK.

"We currently operate ABAX Triplog on our whole Commercial Fleet, as well as use the Equipment Control for our Plant and Trailers.

Before we started using the ABAX service we wasn’t aware of the benefits that electronic triplogs can bring and the value they can add towards tax compliance and vehicle safety and security management.

The customer service provided by ABAX is second to none, if we ever need help or assistance, ABAX are on hand over the phone including visits to site to assist and install new trackers.

The level of service provided by ABAX coupled with the value which the products bring make it a no-brainer to recommend ABAX to any business, no matter what size, who operate a fleet of vehicles.

It is truly refreshing to find a business which genuinely goes out of their way to ensure that their customers are satisfied."

- Sam Hodge, Commercial Director