Hello, is it us you’re looking for? 6 reasons why it’s time to switch your vehicle tracker

There are many vehicle tracking devices out there today, some of course, better than others. Therefore it can be common to choose a device that’s unreliable and not quite what you expected.

Let me try and explain this in a different way.

So imagine the scenario, you’re recently single and have decided to turn to internet dating to meet a new partner! You match with what seems like a great suitor – their picture looks great, they love travelling, long walks by the beach and oh, they can cook too! I mean, what more could you possibly want?

But, then you meet them in person and it all starts to go downhill from there.

They don’t look anything like their picture, in fact, none of their online profile matches the reality of the situation. You’re frantically texting your friend trying to find a way out, “she definitely didn’t have a moustache on her profile, save me!" And all of a sudden you start to think, ok, maybe I made the wrong choice.

It’s ok. We’ve all been there.

Time and time again, we make decisions without gaining the full picture and end up disappointed. At ABAX, we are here to make sure this isn’t the case.  Here are 6 reasons why we believe our vehicle tracking device, ABAX Triplog, is the best in the market:

Fuel bill reduction - By eliminating unauthorised use, better route optimisation and being more efficient with your fleet, we find our average client see a 20% reduction in their annual fuel bill.

Data roaming sim – We give you the ability to monitor vehicles in real time, any time. Which means you gain more control while improving customer service.

10 year data storage – Your data will be stored digitally for 10 years (HMRC only require 6 years). Reports are easy to find and manage, which means no more mountains of paperwork.

Accurate, digital mileage logs –Why do your mileage logging manually, when the ABAX Triplog does these digitally and accurately? This improves staff efficiency, reduces costs and protects the business and employees from hefty tax penalties. Our system is 100% tax compliant!

Increased driver safety  - Employees are aware of monitoring and are therefore more aware themselves. For example, road accidents significantly increase with speed. The ABAX Triplog automatically records maximum speed so driver safety can be monitored.

Improved employee morale – With the ABAX Triplog comes accountability. The technology should not only be used to highlight poor performance but to praise and support employees working hard.

Oh… and did I forget to mention, we’re offering you the chance to switch FOR FREE!

Made the wrong choice on your vehicle tracking device? Not to worry! It’s not too late. Let ABAX fix that for you, just click here!