Iguaza Falls

ABAX at the Iguaza falls

Stig has left Buenos Aires and taken a little pitstop in Brazil before the tour moves on to Peru. The reason for this detour is the magic Iguazu Falls (Iguaçu in Portuguese) on the border between Argentina and Brazil. An absolute must for anyone who visits this part of the world.

Iguazu Falls is considered by many as the world's most spectacular waterfalls and the second largest after the Victoria Falls. It lies on the border between Brazil and Argentina and is, as Stig also explains, at UNESCO's World Heritage Site (since 1986).

The waterfall forms a semicircle, almost like a horseshoe, with a width of about 2700m and 80m high. Iguazu Falls consists of a series of smaller waterfalls, all 275 of them and about 1,000 cubic metres of water flowing through every second. The large amounts of water makes the whole area around the waterfalls forming, an isolated microclimate that can accommodate more than 2,000 different plant species, 400 bird species and a sea of different types of insects and reptiles, many of which do not exist anywhere else in the world.

Stig says:

Devil's throat! The name speaks for itself - it is simply totally awesome! I have found myself a nice place for a break and wonder if I have come to the world's most beautiful place. For those who enjoy the combination of water, mountains and greenery, it just might be. Hope the pictures give you some visualisation of it!

The world's tallest waterfall; Niagara, Victoria or Iguazu, which is greater? Well, behold, they dispute it. Victoria is the highest of those with their 108 metres. It is admittedly the highest in the world, it's "Angels Falls" in Venezuela with the entire 979 metres. Victoria also boasts the largest "blind" (continuous width x height).

Since the two southernmost waterfalls are located in tropical areas, with large differences in the amount of water, is Niagara whoever overall transports most water - the year overall.

While Iguazu, with its 275 waterfalls, is both the widest and whoever has the highest measured flow. Regardless; it all seems to be agreed that Iguazu is both the most beautiful and most spectacular of the three. Therefore it came in the 2007 list of the "World's 7 Natural Wonders".

Iguazu is located on the triple border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, but only the first two have waterfalls. And on both sides, it added up to tourism with trains, buses, bridges etc to get as close as possible. From which side is best to see the falls? Both !! One must simply see both sides. Most of the 3.5 km wide waterfalls are on the Argentinian side, so one comes closest to where, but it is best seen from Brazil's side. Have only time for one of those? Yes ? Then you have not set aside enough time .... It is a short drive from there and customs are similar to the border to Svinesund. Only a bridge, and a quick stamp in their passport on both sides. If one was to choose a side, it would have to be Brazil. Both of the views and not least the tourism business / facilities are the best there.

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