Impact of digitalisation on fleet management

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The fast development in technology is constantly changing the way we do business.

For instance, paper handling is reducing all the time; a trend which we have seen heavily within fleet management. But how has this development affected us in terms of mileage logging? Our vehicle tracker, ABAX Triplog, has the answers:

1. Digital storage of files

No more paper at your desk, woohoo! You are able to keep your documentation safe in our servers. This means no more worrying about losing your paper files or no more worrying about any wear and tear.

2. Reduction in administration for drivers

Drivers can concentrate on the essentials – working! Your employees will no longer be wasting valuable time on administrative work in their vehicles; making your business more cost effective.

3. Reduction in administration for office staff

Office employees do not need to waste time asking drivers to deliver their mileage logs from vehicles, or spend time trying to work out that messy handwriting! All mileage logs are delivered via the computer and can be imported, for example, by an Excel file.

4. Accurate & up-to-date information

All the information on the mileage log will be accurate and up to date, which makes our system 100% tax compliant. This eliminates the risk of errors, for example, those little 'extra miles' that are often added when manually logging trips.

5. Variety of data

You are able to get a lot of different information about your fleet with our vehicle tracker, ABAX Triplog. You will get notifications when a service is required or if the vehicle is moving away from a specific area.

6. Real time overview

ABAX Triplog gives you a real time overview of your whole fleet. Imagine your next customer is closer to vehicle A but Vehicle B drives there instead. Does this sound familiar? You are able to respond to situations like this quickly and efficiently.

Of course, there are a lot of other impacts of how digitalisation has affected fleet management – and you will know them in the long run by using ABAX Triplog!

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