Is your fleet ready for winter?

The English summer is nearly over (shock!), and winter is quickly approaching. Although this brings us cosy nights in, warm home-cooked dinners and the excitement of Christmas; it also brings major safety hazards to our fleets.

 So, as we approach the colder weather,  it’s time to ask yourself an important question, is your fleet ready for winter?

If your business operates heavy plant machinery or equipment that is used to clear roads or reduce ice / snow (e.g. a Snow Plough or Gritter), it is vital that you have a system in place that manages these efficiently. Why? Well, what happens in the unfortunate event of a road accident and you can’t prove if the road had been cleared or not? Or, how can you keep track of exactly which roads have been gritted or cleared so nothing has been missed?

ABAX’s Fleet Management System (FMS) is a powerful, cost effective system which manages, controls and operates your fleet in the best possible way – which means you are covered for all of the above! GPS data is used on your plant machinery / equipment, which not only keeps up to date records but also produces extensive reports to cover all your documentation requirements.

Make sure you are ready in case of a storm! Find out or place an order for ABAX FMS here.