It's the month of Movember

The Movember foundation aim to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.
Movember at ABAX
At ABAX, some of the lads are participating in the month of ‘Movember’. The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier, longer lives. They work towards some of the biggest health issues faced by men such as:
    • Prostate cancer
    • Testicular cancer
    • Poor mental health
    • Physical inactivity
It started off with 30 individuals growing moustaches and has grown massively with now over 5 million participating in growing a moustache.

Check out our team members and their facial hair!

Mark - Booking Manager

Kevin - Director of In-house sales

Movember at ABAX

Asif - Customer Relations Consultant

Guy - Portfolio Account Manager

Movember at ABAX
Movember at ABAX
Movember at ABAX