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In this blog post we will follow Stig Nyeng as he sets out to fulfil his childhood dream of travelling the globe . ABAX will follow Stig all of the way using our Triplog. This will allow you to follow his journey through the vibrant cities , over mountains and to the places where most of us can only dream of going.

ABAX will follow Stig Nyengen around the world and tell you about the places he visits on the adventure of a lifetime . You will be able to see pictures of amazing places and read Stig's own travel diary about people and animals , historical places and challenges that he meets along the way. For ABAX it is also a great opportunity to show that our electronic Triplog is robust and sturdy enough to withstand the epic journey around the world with all it entails.

About Stig Nyengen

Stig is 42 years old, from Sorum, Norway and has a burning desire to travel the world.

The journey begins in Oslo

The first part of the ABAX world tour began on 8 October in Oslo. From Oslo, the journey went through Sweden, Germany and down through Central Europe via Prague and Budapest to Istanbul.

Istanbul - The first milestone

On October 16, Stig drove into Istanbul - one of Europe's most exciting cities . You can track the whole history of Europe in this city , from the time when the city was called Byzant , to Constantinople and to what we know today as Istanbul. Even us Northerners have left a mark on the city, especially evident in one of the most famous buildings -  Hagia Sofia"

The city oozes culture and the highlight of the weekend for Stig was no exception, the football match between Galatasaray and Fenerbache . This derby is known worldwide for its intensity , emotion and sometimes chaos on and off the pitch . If you are Turkish, this is considered to be the world's most important football game (unless you rooting for Besiktas obviously!)

The next leg starts now. Stig and ABAX will cross the Bosporus and move into Asia.

Where next?
    • Further down the coast of the Caspian Sea to Iran.
    • In Iran run down to Teheran and Estefan. Further east to Pakistan.
    • In Pakistan: In Karachi and further north to Lahore.
    • Crossing into India through the only open border crossing between these countries ; Wagah ( there should be a video - search on Youtube)
    • In India: In New Dehli and the Ranthambore National Park, the Taj Mahal and on to Nepal.
    • In Nepal : Fly into the mountains to Lukla Airport and go tracking towards Mt. Everest.
    • After NAPAL : In Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.
    • Then it is a month in China. First, north of the Great Wall , down to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong to Vietnam.
    • Then South through east Asia: Vietnam, Cambodia (Angkor Wat ), Thailand and Malaysia to Singapore.
    • From Singapore car will be shipped to the west coast of Australia, arriving in Perth.
    • Australia will be crossed from west to east, before the car re-enters the shipping container. This time heading to Valparasio , outside Santiago in Chile.
    • Next, cross the Andes and into Argentina. They will be traveling to Buenos Aires.
    • After this, the north-east to Iguasu Falls and then Brazil, tor Rio de Janeiro.
    • After this, again north, Bolivia (La Paz ), Lake Titicaca and Cusco in Peru. Here we go Inka Trail to Macchu Picchu.
    • Then it is back over the mountains of Peru and into to Brazil, onto the Amazon city of Manaus.
    • Further north to Venezuela. From Caracas to the car again shipped in the container to Miami.
    • Finally the North American leg will go from Miami to New York.

Do you have tips and advice for the Stig? Maybe you know places he should visit, restaurants he should eat at or experiences to try along the way.  If so, you can send us an email to or

/Chris Miller