Join the 9% of equipment recovered...

Is there anything more inconvenient than working on a job, returning the next day and finding that the equipment has been stolen? As a result of plant equipment being of high value, with low integral security, it does result in regular thefts.
ABAX Equipment Control

A review conducted by leading insurer Allianz Cornhill, has revealed that over £70 million of construction plant have been stolen from construction sites in the last year, with only 9% of stolen plant equipment being recovered. (Construction National, 2016) However, this problem can be helped, if plant and equipment are tracked.

How can I monitor my equipment?The ABAX Equipment Control is a rugged, reliable and cost-effective unit that is on-duty around the clock in all weather conditions. Whether your equipment has been tampered with, or your equipment has been removed from a pre-defined area, the ABAX Equipment Control technology will notify you.

The ABAX Equipment Control is a “plug and play" system. Within minutes of attaching the ABAX unit to the equipment, your system is up and running. Our web based software makes installation and configuration simple. Log on via an internet-connected device of your choice to start monitoring your equipment. ABAX Equipment Control units are compact, lightweight, rugged and easy to attach to any equipment.

In short...

The ABAX Equipment Control enables you to:

• Avoid wasting time searching for lost or misplaced equipment

• Monitor and control the usage of your equipment

• Improve efficiency in daily operations

• Potentially reduce your insurance premiums