Keep your business safe from the sharp rise in Vehicle Cloning

Fleet management

An interesting article was published this weekend in our local newspaper, the Peterborough Telegraph, warning that ‘vehicle cloning’ is believed to be on the increase.

Vehicle cloning is a criminal offence that involves the theft of a vehicles identification number (VIN) and registration number. These details are then used on matching vehicles, which are sold for profit or utilised for criminal activity.

It is believed that thousands of vehicles are cloned annually, costing millions of pounds. Neil Thomas, Director of Investigative Services at anti-motor fraud specialists Asset Protection Unit (APU) says: “It’s usually linked to large-scale organised crime, and it’s hard to stamp out because the clone is registered to the innocent owner’s address so you have to catch the crooks out on the road."

Unfortunately, within the telematics industry vehicle cloning is a regular problem. One of the most serious cases concerning ABAX involved criminals cloning a fully sign-written company flat bed truck.

This truck then visited local building sites posing as an official company vehicle and used the story that the large assets such as diggers, generators, rollers etc needed to be moved to a different site, the truck repeatedly left with thousands of pounds worth of assets.

What the criminals did not know was several of the assets were fully tracked with ABAX technology. Once the company was aware of the situation the police were immediately contacted and ABAX worked closely with them to recover the stolen assets.

ABAX Triplog and Equipment Control systems provide an extra layer of security to a businesses fleet and assets. A business can manage their whole fleet in real-time from any internet enabled device establishing which vehicles have been operating in which location, and if any are where they shouldn’t be.

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